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Govt. makes baseless statements to protect murderers – JVP

pro rajapaksha thug killed them

”The government is attempting, instead of arresting the real perpetrators, to plant the responsibility of the murders on other parties through government spokesmen, state media and the police media spokesman to protect the murderers.”
The government is creating various interpretations and fabrications regarding the incident at Katuwna that occurred on the 15th reveals the JVP.

The Member of the Political Bureau of the party Parliamentarian Anura Dissanayake speaking at a press conference held at the party head office yesterday (17th) said, “The government is creating various interpretations and fabrications regarding the incident at Katuwana that occurred on the 15th. It is our duty to expose the wrong picture the government is trying to create. After the murders the government is engaged in fiercer  acts. The government is attempting, instead of arresting the real perpetrators, to plant the responsibility of the murders on other parties through government spokesmen, state media and the police media spokesman to protect the murderers.

At 9.00 p.m. on the day of the incident the Director General of the Media Center for National Security Lakshman Hulugalle, the notorious racketeer of Channel 9 deal, says the shooting at Hambanthota was a clash between two factions of the JVP. This was stated not even two hours after the incident. We would like to ask Lakshman Hulugalla whether he was wearing clothes when he made this statement. When an underworld gang had shot at a political meeting killing two people, injuring several others who had to be admitted to hospital he says the incident was a result of an internal strife of the JVP. We challenge Lakshman Hulugalle to reveal to the country on what basis he came to such a conclusion. The people should condemn this antic of appointing notorious racketeers who are paid salaries from public funds, given luxury vehicles; invest public money on various rackets as generals of national security. We condemn his statement with disgust.

Later, the police spokesman states the incident could be a result of an internal clash in the JVP or an act of those who have left the party. He also says a complaint had been received regarding a person and it would be investigated. He tries to make light of the incident. The complaint lodged at the police station with names and addresses of perpetrators is underrated and diverts the responsibility of the incident indirectly on another party. The police spokesman is engaged in an exercise of protecting the murderers instead of arresting them. These officers who get paid from taxes paid by the masses and use vehicles bought with public funds come out with various statements to protect murderers without even considering the dignity of their uniforms. The JVP condemns these attempts with contempt.

Another statement was issued by the Media Center for National Security yesterday. It states the IGP had received a complaint regarding attacks by the JVP on persons who had left the party on various occasions. This too is an indirect attempt to prove that the incidents were a result of internal clashes of the JVP. The Media Center for National Security has been able to make such statements due to idiotic acts of immature political groups. Complaints made by these imbeciles are made use of by the MCNS to put the responsibility of the murders on others instead of arresting the real murderers. However, MCNS has forgotten that the complaint by these persons who had left the JVP had stated that the JVP attacked them with the support of the government. MCNS should have mentioned that as well.

These are the three statements the government has officially made after the murders. They are the statements by Hulugalla, by the police spokesman and the statement issued by MCNS on the 16th. There hasn’t been any other statement from the government regarding the murders. All three statements are made with one intention. It is to convince the society that the murders had taken place as a result of an internal clash in the JVP or they are an act of the idiotic groups that had left the party. Why does the government want to hide the real murderers? The police and other officials of the government have to hide murderers as the government wants to protect them. Why is that? These murderers have the protection from the highest hierarchy of the government. Also, the needs of the kings and princes who had made Hambanthota their domain have been fulfilled through these underworld characters. They had been used to harass and pressurize various political groups. Hence, the government has to protect these individuals. If these people are taken before court and they make confessions everything the king and the princes had done would be revealed.  Amare who carried out a massive agitation in Tangalle prison on 30th June, 2006 and Mahinda were together. It was published in the media then that Mahinda talked to Amare saying, “Amare, Amare, I’m Mahinda.” Hence, it is very clear that these individuals have been given protection, firearms and defender vehicles whenever they need them by the government. The royal family has a mania of not allowing anyone else to engage in politics in their ‘kingdom.’ This goes back to history.  The person who received the highest preferential votes at the 1997 election at Beliatta was murdered. We don’t know how investigations were carried out. The only reason behind the murders of Comrade Sathyapala Wannigama at Hambantota, the distinguished lawyer born in Hambanthota Comrade Wijedasa Liyanarachchi was this mania of not allowing anyone else to come forward. It is this mania that has made them to deploy underworld gangs and terrorize Katuwana and other areas. No one is prepared to lodge a complaint against these individuals. The police and other state institutions have been weakened and underworld thugs have been allowed to rule the areas. They get the support of the highest in the government. It is such individuals who have been involved in these two murders.

You know that Madamulana is nearby. Ordinary people cannot behave in such a manner in these areas. There are many personnel of the police, CID and Army deployed in the area. Very strict security is maintained in the area as Madamulana Walawwa, the Carlton house is situated here and also the area being the domain of the royal family. Who could ride motorcycles wearing clothes similar to uniforms of security forces with automatic rifles hanging from their shoulders and behave like executioners in Chicago in such an area? Can an ordinary person or even an ordinary minister or any of his henchmen behave in such a manner? It is not possible. It is very clear that the perpetrators are those protected by the government. The government cannot arrest them. There is the risk of a buried murderous history in Hambanthota surfacing if they make any confessions in a court of law. As such, an attempt is being made to suppress the truth regarding the murders using MCNS and the police. The behavior of the government indicates it is directly involved in the murders; the murderers are their henchmen. This is why distorted statements are issued to indirectly delay investigations.

A complaint has been made by an eyewitness that he recognized the murderers and they were involved in the murders. The person who lodged the complaint made a statement to the media mentioning the names of the individuals involved in the murders. When there is fresh evidence regarding the incident why should the police spokesman pull out old files?  The complainant has clearly mentioned who was involved in the murders. The police has failed even to get a statement from this individual. That is because police officers at Katuwana Police have no backbone to get a statement from this person. This is only one of the undemocratic moves that take place throughout the country.

Hence, journalists have a responsibility. There was an exploring media culture in our country. Perpetrators were arrested due to exposure by the media. Many crimes that were to be buried and forgotten came to light due to brave journalists. The perpetrators at Kahawatta were arrested. Journalists and media institutions fulfilled their responsibilities correctly and the government had to take action in many instances.  Hence, we call upon all journalists not to allow a murderous culture to reign in the country. One side goes on murdering and the other side protects them. Murdering is a crime and protecting those murderers is a greater crime. We hope journalists will fulfill the need of the country today. We call upon journalists not to allow this country to be one where murderers are cuddled by the highest positions in the government.”

The Member of the Central committee of the JVP Dr. Nalinda Jayatissa too was present.

Govt’s actions more criminal than the murders – JVP
There is a partnership in the country where there are groups that commit murders and crimes in one side and a system manufactured by the government to protect these murderers in the other, the JVP accused.

Member of Parliament and JVP polit bureau member Anura Kumara Dissanayake claims the government is creating various interpretations and wrong depictions of the shooting incident in Katuwana, Hambantota on Friday (June 15).

He accused the government of engaging activities more “criminal” than the murders itself, following the incident.

Instead of arresting the true perpetrators of the crime, the government is attempting to protect these murderers through government spokespersons, government and police media spokesmen, he charged.

Efforts are being made to protect the murderers and place the responsibility of the incident on other parties, Dissanayake said referring to a statement made by Lakshman Hulugalle, that an “internal dispute” in the JVP was suspected to be the reason for the shooting.

By around 9 p.m. less than two hours after the incident had taken place the Director General of the Media Centre for National Security (MCNS), Lakshman Hulugalle, has declared to media that shooting in Hambantota was a dispute between two JVP groups, he said.

At a time when an underworld gang has opens fire at a public gathering, killing two, injuring and hospitalising several others, he says it was the result of a JVP internal conflict, the parliamentarian expressed.

“We (JVP) challenge Lakshman Hulugalle to reveal to the country what were the observations that were the basis for this (statement),” Anura Kumara said at a press briefing today (17).



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