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Govt. Graduates complain Human Rights Commission on ‘Programme Circular’

Graduates in Government service have made a complaint at the Human Rights Commission today against the service circular which deprives several rights including promotion criteria. General Secretary Graduates’ Union Mr Chandana Suriarachchi a Circular has been gazetted on 4th February 2012 which affects nearly 60000 graduates in MN 04 service at present and the future graduate recruits.

According to him their requests on promotions, salaries and other benefits in a free and fair basis have been ignored with the new circular.  Instead Cabinet approval has been granted to ‘Development Officers’ in an undemocratic manner and a circular has been gazette to this effect.

Among the steps taken by the Union against this ruling 20 complaints by graduates have been filed on 2.03.2012 under HRC/1108/12 and HRC/1109/12 to the HRC.

The complaint is against the Secretary to the Ministry of Public Administration, Public Service Commission and National Salaries Commission requesting to cancel the Circular dated 14.02.2012 and to create a constitution safeguarding the rights of the employees considering their proposals issuing necessary instructions to the Government and the Government officers.

Mr Suriachchi added that they will launch a continuous struggle demanding an acceptable resolution.


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