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Govt. deploys security sections to plunder treasure – Bimal Ratnayake

The Member of the Central Committee of the JVP Bimal Ratnayake spoke of deploying the Army, the police and STF that come under the Ministry of Defense to plunder treasure and abductions by white vans.

Speaking at a press conference held in Colombo today (3rd) Mr. Bimal Ratnayake said, “The society is aware that a plunder of treasure existed in the country. The people knew there were very senior men in security services and political bigwigs involved in these acts.  STF personnel, Backhoe machines, T-56 firearms had been used for the plunder of treasure carried out yesterday at Willachchiya. The treasure hunting carried out secretly all these days was exposed with evidence as people in the area surrounded the treasure hunters,” he pointed out.

Speaking further Mr. Ratnayake said it was revealed that a minister was behind the theft of artifacts from the National Museum. However, the investigations are not going forward. There was talk in the society that a terror of ‘Grease devils’ was created some time back and the security units of the President and Ministers carried out plunder of treasure. There is ample evidence to show that drug racket, hunting for treasure and underworld economy is maintained by the highest people connected with the government.

“The Kolonnawa white van incident revealed that the white van terror is carried out by official security institutions that are under the President. The force behind the white van terror was exposed when residents in the area caught the group that came to abduct the Chairman of Kolonnawa Pradeshiya Sabha. Whatever the police spokesman says, the connection between security sections and white van terror and plunder of treasure cannot be no longer hidden,” said Mr. Ratnayake.


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