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Govt. behind attack on ‘Udayan’ journalist – Media Movement for Democracy

31 May 2011
The government is behind the attack carried out against the ‘Udayan’ journalist S. Kavidharan states Media Movement for Democracy. The government could prove it otherwise by bringing in the perpetrators of the crime that occurred in a High Security Zone before the law emphasizes the Media Movement for Democracy.

In issuing a statement against the attack on S. Kavidharan the Media Movement for Democracy points out that ‘Udayan’ newspaper, its journalists and the editorial board were continuously harassed and attacked but no proper investigation has been carried out yet.

However, it is evident that the government was behind these harassments and attacks as all these incidents take place in a High Security Zone and within the vicinity of Army camps point out Media Movement for Democracy. The Movement challenges the government to prove that it is not involved in such incidents by having proper investigations regarding the incidents.


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