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Gotabhaya grooms private army in the north – attack on Fr. C.G> Jeyakumar

10 June 2011
In order to absolve the Sri Lanka Army occupying the Tamil country from international accusations, but at the same time to continue terrorisation and subjugation of Tamils, genocidal Sri Lanka’s Defence Secretary and presidential sibling Gotabhaya Rajapaksa has formed a private army in the north consisting of military intelligence personal and
some members of the paramilitaries who had gone astray, news sources in Jaffna said. This new outfit headquartered in Vanni but operates mainly in Jaffna as groups of thugs, is responsible for many recent acts terrorising civil society movements, public protests and university student activities, the news sources further said.

Attack by unidentified thugs targeting civil society activists and death threats to university student activists by thugs visiting their houses that have escalated in recent times in Jaffna are attributed to this private army of Gotabhaya. The outfit is said to be receiving tacit support of the paramilitaries and the occupying military. Its members are said to be residing in the various military camps of the occupying Army in Jaffna.

Recently, when an international team visited Jaffna, Rev. Fr. C.G. Jeyakumar, the former director of the Human Development Centre (HUDEC) of the Catholic Church, met them and briefed them of the situation in Jaffna. Later, a group of unidentified thugs humiliated him by bucketing him with dirt at his own parish church in Kayts.

One of the assailants dropped his mobile phone while escaping and this phone was submitted to the Kayts police as crucial evidence on the identity of the culprits. But the mobile phone is now reportedly ‘missing’ in the Kayts police station.

However, it has now become known to the public that Gotabhaya-groomed group of thugs were responsible for the incident.

Besides intimidating all independent civil society activities, a major concern of the Gotabhaya-thugs seems to be silencing the people from telling anything to international visitors, news sources said.

Meanwhile, a 20-member group appointed by Gotabhaya has given him a report on the ‘commercially valuable’ lands in the island, including lands in Batticaloa, Trincomalee, Ampaa’rai and Mullaiththeevu districts and they are soon going to be acquired by the colonial establishment in Colombo, news reports from Colombo said.


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