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Gotabhaya Agrees that His Rakna Lanka Security Firm was Corrupt

Former Defence Secretary Gotabhaya Rajapaks has accepted the fact that Rakna Lanka Security Firm under his authority used its employed for his brother Mahianda Rajapaksa’s election work in 2015.  According to him former officers at the helm of the Rakna Lanka Security Firm were responsible for engaging company employees for election work during the last Presidential Election Campaign

He was giving evidence before the Presidential Commission Investigating Fraud Corruption Abuse of Power State Resources and Privileges on March 17 under questioning by High Court Judge Gihan Kulatunge on 18th March.

When Gotabhaya Rajapaksa said that Rakna Lanka was not engaged in Bribery and Corruption, High Court Judge Kulatunge pointed out that there was evidence that Rakna Lanka employees had been engaged in the Presidential Election campaign and asked whether it did not amount to corruption. There upon Rajapaksa said high officials of the company should be held responsible for doing it.

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