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Gota throws away the transfer letters issued by IGP to SSP, ASP and OIC implicated in Bharatha murder

The transfer order letters issued by the IGP to the three high rung police officers who are implicated in the quadruple murder at Mulleriyawa , had been disdainfully thrown away by Gota the defense Secretary, according to reports reaching Lanka e news.. He had also flown into a demonic rage so characteristic of him.
There are grave charges mounted against these three superior police officers , namely SSP Deshabandu Tennekoon who is in charge of the zone where the murders were committed , ASP Senapathy and OIC of the Muleriyawa station , IP Nalaka Gunasekera in connection with their involvement in the murder of Bharatha Lakshman along with three others who were brutally killed in broad daylight and in public on the 8th . The letters transferring these officers with immediate effect by he IGP had been thrown away by Gota , who had also gone that far as to upbraid the IGP bitterly for his action, it is learnt.

Mind you the IGP had taken this action after carefully studying the investigation reports. Earlier on , every time he tried to take action he was obstructed . Previously they were to be transferred to Anuradhapura and on this occasion they were given transfers to Vavuniya which was aborted by Gota . It is specially noteworthy that Deshabandu Tennekoon had been working without a transfer in the police Dept.for the last 12 years.

It was revealed in courts in evidence by both sides in the trial that Deshabandu SSP Tennekoon and OIC Mulleriyawa were in the vehicle convoy of the murderer Duminda Silva. Moreover , Tennekoon was in a tinted glass Pajero vehicle No. 69 -0940. A police officer Kamal of the Mirihana police had also been with him , it had been disclosed.

It has also come to light now , that the troika , Gotabaya , Tennekoon and the Muleriyawa OIC have had a lunch party on the 8th of October , the day the quadruple murder was committed, at the house of Rena De Silva , the owner of a private Broadcasting channel and brother of the alleged murderer Duminda Silva.

It is significant to note that this troika had been together and gourmandizing while there had been urgent requests from the Elections Commissioner at 10.20 a m and again at 12.40 a m. to the police asking for additional police security as Duminda Silva was conducting himself violently ,harassing and intimidating the people of the area in violation of election laws .

Moreover , Minister Susil Premajayantha , the UPFA Secretary had also made two requests to the police by noon to take measures to stop Duminda’s violence and persecution of the people. Going by the behavior of the troika and their neglect of duties presumably deliberately on that day has aroused suspicion among all that these subsequent multiple murders a few hours later were a cold calculated one with their secret participation .

In the circumstances , the officers in the police itself say , that if Gota is to permit transfers to his bosom pals , the suspects in the heinous crime , that will be the most shocking thing that can happen.

It is also the view of the SL patriotic group within the Govt. itself that if a fair , free and independent investigation is to be conducted and punishment is to be meted out duly , the first action that should be taken is uproot Gota from his position.
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