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‘Gopi’s’ wife prevented from leaving Sri Lanka

[Gopi on the left]

The wife of Selvanayagam Kajeepan, also known as ‘Gopi’, who was killed by Sri Lankan forces earlier this year, has been prevented from leaving Sri Lanka by officials at Colombo airport, reported the Daily Mirror.

Kajeepan Sarmila intended to travel to Switzerland for a relative’s wedding and is in possession of a valid Swiss visa. Officials from the Swiss embassy arrived at the airport, and requested Sri Lankan immigration officials to release her, but the officials said an investigation was ongoing in relation to her husband and she would not be allowed to leave the country.

An official from the Terrorism Investigation Department took a statement from Ms Sarmila and allowed her to return home. Sri Lankan authorities have initiated an investigation into how she was able to obtain a visa, while the inquiry into Gopi’s activities were ongoing.

Gopi was killed along with two other Tamils, after Sri Lankan security forces launched a manhunt against them, claiming they were attempting to revive the LTTE.

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