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#GoHomeGota protest movement in Sri Lanka: Striking photos and moments

Image: Huge banner #GoHomeGota hanging from the Galle Fort.

All these photos are from social media and Sri Lanka Brief thankful for all  authors, anonymous or otherwise.

Occupy Galle Face 1

Catholic priests marched to Galle Face green on 09th April


A popular slogan: Power to the People

A university student offering a rose to the Police

A mother who participated with her baby at the Mirihana protest became a popular meme

Street artists groups are a common site in the protests


Leave them a country – A couple with a new born at the protests

LGBTQ community in solidarity with the #GoHomeGota movement

Carlton is the name of Rajapaksa family residence

In Geneva on 10th April

In Geneva 10th April

Parents with kids are a common site at the protests

Solo protest !

Police has not used force against the protestors so far

Night falls protest goes on

On 9th getting ready to occupy Galle Face



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