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Gang Rape suspects [Navy sailors] bailed out

People in the area protests the gang rape
People in the area protests the gang rape

A coordinating secretary of the President has reportedly ordered the police not to take action against the Navy personnel who had allegedly raped an 11-year old girl for 11 days as well as another 9-year old girl. The reports further indicate that the particular officer has called the Kytes Police on two occasions after the incidents and said that if they were put under remand custody that will cause the losing of moral among the forces.

The particular crime has been recorded on 18 July 2014 in the register maintained by Kytes police regarding offenses against minors under the number 13/2014 reporting that a female minor has been kidnapped and gang raped. With reference to such cases it is mandatory to produce a JMO report before court.
However, following the particular order when presenting facts before the court under the B report number B/64/2014 with regard to the case a JMO report has not been submitted, reports say.
Following the above mentioned order, in order to ensure the issuing of bail the 7 sailors have not been produced before court with a JMO report but only with a statement claiming that the occurrence of rape is suspected based on the statement recorded from the girl.
It is said that this was done to ease the bail procedure.
The Chief Magistrate of Kytes ordered the 7 sailors to be kept under remand custody. However, the Kytes acting Magistrate had released the suspects. They were each released on a cash bail of Rs. 250 and three other personal bails amounting to Rs.5000.
Karaingar rape: Navy sailors identified 
The navy sailors who allegedly raped an 11 year old girl for 11 days and another 9 year old girl have been identified as Ajith Kumara, Rupasinghe Arachchilage Chamara Indika, Nadeera Dilshan Rathnayake, Kudabalage Jayaweera, Indika Kumara Vithanarachchi, Ranasinghe Sumith Subhash, Vikum Senage Piyasiri Dissanayake of Karainagar Navy base.
The sailors who have been serving at the Karainagar Navy base have been deployed on patrolling in Ureddikulam, Urkatturai, Karainagar city and Kytes.
The OIC of Crime Division of Kytes Police SI R.K.B Ratnayake in the B report submitted to the court under B/64/2014 has mentioned that the above mentioned 7 suspects are produced before court under the suspicion of rape based on the minor’s statement claiming that they kidnapped and gang raped the girl.
However, the Kytes acting Magistrate on 18th released the saliors, who were alleged of gang raping the minor, on bail on the grounds of one personal bail at the amount of Rs.250 and three other personal bails at the amount of Rs.5000.



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