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Ganeshan wants LLRC report presented to UNHRC

The government has failed to take other political parties into its confidence through its decision not to present the LLRC report at the UNHRC sessions, scheduled to begin on February 27 at Geneva, leader of the Democratic People’s Front Mano Ganeshan said.

Presenting the LLRC report at the UNHRC sessions would have been the ideal response by the government of Sri Lanka to the world about the alleged human rights violations and it would also showcase the sincerity of the government at this world body, he said.

The DPF and certain other parties had failed to understand why the government had expressed reluctance to submit the LLRC report, while the commission had been its own creation.

Ganeshan also said that certain extremist partners of the government were attempting to paint a picture of a western conspiracy into the issue as it had been usually done in the past instances.

“We were in agreement about certain positive recommendations of the LLRC and the DPF calls upon the government to present the LLRC report at the UNHRC sessions if the cooperation of other parties are valued by the government in the path to national reconciliation,” he said.
By Pabodha Hettige


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