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Ganeshan lashes out at UPFA

Pabodha Hettige  Democratic People’s Front (DPF) leader Mano Ganeshan yesterday accused the government of failing to address the legitimate grievances of Tamil speaking people, though the conflict ended in May 2009. He said his party no longer believed in the UPFA’s promises to resolve the national issue.

The DPF Leader said that the government had failed to devolve powers to the provinces in line with the 13th Amendment to the Constitution. The failure on the part of the Rajapaksa administration couldn’t be accepted, he said, alleging that the government was adopting delaying tactics.

Responding to a query by The Island, Ganeshan emphasized the importance of the government calling the first elections for the Northern Provincial Council without further delay. The ongoing resettlement, rehabilitation and development projects should be handed over to the Northern provincial administration. Had that happened, the vast majority of people living in the Northern Province would be happy, he said.

Contrary to claims, the people of the war-devastated Northern Province hadn’t benefited through various development projects implemented by those running the administration, he said adding that the government was delaying Northern Provincial Council polls in line with its political strategy.

The DPF alleged that ‘Uturu Wasanthaya’ initiative had failed to meet the pressing needs of the community, though a section of the media portrayed the project as the panacea for all problems.



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