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Full report of the Presidential Truth Commission on Ethnic Violence (1981-1984), with a focus on Black July 83.

In 2001 President Chandrika Kumaratung appointed a  “Presidential Truth Commission on Ethnic Violence” to inquire into human rights violations, including the anti-Tamil violence that occurred during Black July in 1983.

The findings of the Commission bear witness to the fact that the events of July 1983 were orchestrated and manipulated by the political authorities and the State. The systematic violence perpetrated against helpless and defenseless people was not a spontaneous riot but planned and executed with judicious care. It was an act of collective punishment for acts of terrorism committed by a small group of people. The State, which has the responsibility of protecting its citizens, became a perpetrator in crimes against its own people.

Although it was appointed by President Chandrika Kumaratunga  she did not implement the core recommendations of the commission.





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