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Forced Army census resumed in the North despite court order against it

15 June 2011 / Despite having a court order preventing civilians in the North from being forcefully registered, groups of Army men in civics have taken photographs of people in the Kalviyamkadu area in the North and obtained details regarding their families.

The Army men in civics visited residences in Kalviyamkadu on the 13th to photograph the residents and get their details.

The information they had obtained from civilians was regarding their families, whether they were resettled, whether they had relatives in camps for the displaced, whether they were registered voters and whether there were any family members who had had connections with the LTTE.

Also, photographs of the house and residents too had been taken by these groups.

After obtaining information and photographing the residents the Army men paste a piece of paper with a number in front of the house say residents adding that the piece of paper does not resemble the sticker pasted for the census by the Department of Census and Statistics.


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