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FMM chellenges state media to prove allegations made against FMM

The Free Media Movement says it rejects the claims made against the movement by the lead story of the lake House owned Dinamina newspaper on Feb. 03,  2012.  The FMM further challenges the Lake House administration and the Dinamina editor to present credible evidence to prove the claims.

 The new report claimed that the FMM had joined hands with the Tamil National Alliance in a conspiracy to embarrass the Sri Lankan government at the HR council in Geneva, which will convene on March 27.

 In a media release the FMM has rejected these claims, adding that the movement has not entered any discussion nor programme with the TNA and no FMM member has left for Geneva, as claimed by the news report.

 The FMM says they do not consider the news to be a mistake or coincidence and that they believe such a news item could not have been published without the backing of the government.

 By such actions, the government is attempting to destroy media rights activists in the mindsets of the people, they say.

 The FMM reminds that several media institutions and journalists who had come under attack in the recent past had received similar slandering before being attacked.

 Urging to present credible evidence to prove the news article, the FMM requests the Lake House administration and the Dinamina editor to publish an apology and a correction if they are unable to provide credible evidence.


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