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FMM challenges ANCL, Editor Dinamina

Media Release
The Free Media Movement (FMM) unequivocally rejects the allegations and insinuations made in the Dinamina headline story on Friday (03 February) as blatant lies, unfounded, unsupported and unsubstantiated. We further believe, the report was published with the malicious intent of undermining independent media, which is fighting for democracy and freedom of expression, and those who stand for it.

The fabricated article refers to a conspiracy between the Tamil National Alliance (TNA) and the FMM and claims a delegation of TNA MPs and six members of the FMM have left for Geneva to mobilise agitations against the government and cause embarrassment for Sri Lanka during next month’s sessions of the United National Human Rights Commission.

We categorically states that neither the Movement nor the individual members have, in the recent or distant past, had any discussion with the TNA on any matter and rejects with absolute contempt, the allegation that six of its members have left for Geneva. These allegations are pure fabrications concocted in the mind of a sick person.
We challenge the Associated Newspapers of Ceylon Limited and the Editor to Dinamina to prove these absurd allegations, and declare with conviction that we will dissolve the Movement and refrain from all associated activities, should the allegations be proven true.

However, notwithstanding our challenge to prove the allegations against us, we wish to state with utmost sincerity that the FFM will not hesitate to join forces with any political party or movement functioning within the democratic parameters, to fight for media freedom. It has been so, and it will remain so. If a need arises for us to appear before any international organization of which Sri Lanka is a member, we will certainly do our duty and represent matters honestly and truthfully.

A government controlled media organization such as Lake House, through one of its flagship publications like Dinamina, making unfounded and sinister allegations against a well-meaning and honest organization committed to media freedom is, without a doubt inspired and sponsored by the government. It reminds one of the attacks on the media personnel in the past when falsehood were planted in their publications prior to such attacks.

We reiterate our earlier challenge to prove these unfounded allegations. In failing to do so we demand an apology to us, published in the Dinamina, as prominently as the original fabrication.

Sunil Jayasekara                                                                Hana Ibrahim
Convener,                                                                         Secretary
Free Media Movement[FMM]                                             Free Media Movement[FMM]

07 February 2012


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