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Fight against injustice as children of a single mother – Ranil

May day message from UNP leader Ranil Wickremesinghe
Late Hon.D S Senanayake launched the UNP party with the objective of creating  unity among all races and building harmony among all with a view to ushering  in peace and prosperity to the country. The only party that is represented by all sections of the people and providing equal  opportunities to all sections is the UNP.
We decided to hold the May day rally in Jaffna this in furtherance of Late D S Senanayake’s cherished ideals .

Usually and traditionally the main political parties confined themselves to Colombo when holding their May day Rallies.. But we commenced this new practice away from city of Colombo to enable the people in the difficult  areas and at lowest levels a opportunity   to participate in the rally. With this in view we organized our May day rallies at  Avisawella, Kandy,Hatton,Nuwara Eliya, Galle,Bandarawela and other Towns. This year May day celebrations is held in Jaffna based on this new custom.

 This May day celebration has also been chosen as an occasion to create friendly ties between the people of the south and those in the north who suffered due to the cruel war. We reckon this May day as a means  to unite all races .

It is no secret that the entire population of the country is experiencing dire economic problems. The working class is not receiving a salary that is commensurate with the spiraling cost of living. Economy is in a shambles. The Democratic and human rights have been totally devastated. No proper programs are in place to restore to normalcy the suffering displaced persons following  the war. The rulers instead of fostering unity among races and religions are fomenting hatred in order to exploit the divisions created thereby among the people to achieve their sordid political goals.

 We shall as children of a single mother maintain our Sri Lankan identity. We shall resolve on this May day to fight against all kinds of injustices .


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