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Face UN censure taking Tamil people on your side – Mano Ganesan tells government

Government should face UN and international community taking the Tamil people on its side. Choosing the line of triumphalism based on the victory against LTTE to counter UN censure on accountability will be a political error. It is time to leave the war victory to history and start addressing the political aspirations of the Tamil speaking people. It is the only way to win Tamils to the government side says DPF leader Mano Ganesan.  Ganesan said further in the brief statement issued by DPF media office,

Tamil aspiration for political autonomy has been identified as the root cause in the UN report. This is no news to us. We have been campaigning on this line seeking the future for Tamils in an undivided Sri Lanka. War devastation is one and the post war activity is another. Political solution is the key to new positive post war era. But the efforts amounting to use the war victory to deny political solution is hurting and alienating the Tamil speaking people. Government should now use the talks with TNA to overcome the international censure. It needs agreeing on political autonomy within the undivided Sri Lanka. TNA has already publicly declared that they respect the territorial integrity of the country and seek the political power devolution within the united Sri Lanka. This is the finest hour of opening for the government to carry the Tamil speaking people along with them and face the UN.

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