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Engaging goons to suppress dissenting political views should be stopped forthwith

2011-06-06  –  Statement by Hon. Karu Jayasuriya, Deputy Leader UNP
The government is taking action to suppress those who have dissenting political views, unlawfully, when they fail to achieve same through lawful means. A good example is the pictures published by the media, showing the goons who were waiting to assault a rally organized against the proposed Pension Bill which the government tried to force upon the private sector.
The media disclosed that these goons had the protection of some politicians of the ruling party.Similarly the rally which was held opposite the Welikada prison on Independence Day, demanding the release of General Sarath Fonseka, war hero, was attacked by the goons who had the blessings of some politicians of the government.
      Goons were seen along with the police attacking unarmed workers of the Katunayake Free Trade Zone, when they were protesting against the proposed Pension Bill.

Whether it is at Lipton Circus, Welikada Prison or Katunayake, these incidents announce the demise of the rule of law in this country. It is obvious that these goons operate with the knowledge of the government, otherwise it is impossible for these gangs to move freely, without being noticed not only by the baton carrying anti-riot police, but an ordinary policeman. The police are compelled to turn a blind eye to these goons, since the political power has become more powerful than the common law of the country.

Finally, unarmed masses will resort to take the law unto themselves, once they find it difficult to bear the suppression any longer. This is harmful to the good image of our country. Acts of this nature are not condoned by the civilized society and the nations.

We will never affirm the downfall of democracy and rule of law. We call upon the government to refrain from assaulting unarmed civilians and those who have dissenting political views, by engaging goons protected by politicians. The government is already taking action to suppress the right of expressing dissenting political views in the parliament.

Finally the rule of law will decline and lawlessness will prevail in the country. There is one thing this government should keep in mind, power is not eternal.


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