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EC should ensure free and fair elections: Elections commission is a must – UNP

The Elections Commissioner is responsible to create an atmosphere conducive for free and fair elections and to win the faith of political parties amid massive international pressure on the country, UNP MP Karu Jayasuriya said today.
“There is international pressure on the country today. Holding elections for the Northern, Central and North Western Provinces will mitigate that pressure to some extent,” he told a news conference.
“The recommendations of the Commissioner should be strictly implemented before nominations are accepted and the government should avoid using public  property and official vehicles for electioneering at the upcoming elections.”

Mr. Jayasuriya said an independent elections and police commission should be established prior to the Northern Provincial Council elections.

“We can’t approve of the government demanding more time to establish independent commissions,” Mr. Jayasuriya said.

He said PAFFREL and CaFFE and other international election monitors had said that there had been no free and fair elections since the abolishing of the 17th Amendment and introduction of the 18th Amendment.


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