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Do not telecast the security forces conducting search operations in houses and public places – Govt

A request has been made not to telecast the occasions when the security forces conduct search operations in houses and public places through the media. Furthermore, clear instructions have been given by President Maithripala Sirisena to the security forces not to allow participation of journalists and civilians when conducting search operations and it has to be conducted exclusively by the members of the security forces.

At present, a special security programme has been implemented across the country, according to the advice of H.E. the President and under the guidance and supervision of the Ministry of Defence, following the unexpected and regrettable incidents of violence on the Easter Sunday.

Under this process, the investigation works are being carried out continuously and the houses, public places and vehicles are being inspected.

As a result of unwarranted media publicity for these investigations conduct with the aim of ensuring the public security, various communities in the society face difficulty due to the telecast of these footages and some persons who are not involved in these terrorist activities in any way face great inconveniences because the society deemed them as terrorists.

Various sections of the society, including the religious leaders have requested the President in this regard at several times, and considering those requests and in order to prevent inconvenience to any community in the society, the Government requests all the media institutions not to conduct media coverage regarding these search operations.

Presidential Media Division . Media Release, [May 07 2019]


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