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Dissolved; Parliamentary Polls on August 17

Nominations to be called from July 6 to 13.

Ending weeks of speculation, President Maithripala Sirisena dissolved Parliament last night.

Sources from the President’s Office said President Sirisena signed the gazette notification with regard to dissolution of Parliament last night.

The gazette notification was sent to the Government Press last night itself, government sources confirmed.

Cabinet ministers, stakeholders of the government and civil society representatives strongly urged the President to dissolve Parliament as there was no concrete agreement among political parties with regard to the 20th Amendment.

With the dissolution of the present Parliament, the new Parliament will be entrusted with the task of passing the 20th Amendment dealing with electoral reforms.

Speaking to the Daily News, a senior Cabinet Minister representing the UNP said nearly 80 percent of the 100 day promises were fulfilled by the time of dissolution.

Meanwhile, a minister representing the SLFP said the President had to dissolve Parliament on Friday night as it was the last resort.

A senior official from the Elections Department told the Daily News that Parliamentary election will be held on August 17.

He also added that nominations are likely to be called from July 6 to 13.

“According to the law, the election should be held from 52 to 66 days from now,” the official told last night.

The new Parliament, he said, will be convened on September 01.

President Sirisena, on several occasions said the new Parliament will be convened in September.

In a telephone conversation with UN Secretary General Ban ki Moon a few weeks ago, President Sirisena said he expected to attend the UN General Assembly after forming a new government.

The UN General Assembly is scheduled to start on September 15.


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