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Discarded ballot papers marked for Gen. Fonseka are genuine

The 62 ballot papers which were marked for common opposition candidate former Army Commander Gen. Sarath Fonseka at the last presidential election and found dumped near the Ratnapura Technical College were originals says Elections Department’s former Questioned Documents’ Examiner P.H. Manatunga.
Mr. Manatunga in a letter states he examined the ballot papers using analytical techniques such as ultra violet radiation, transmitted and oblique light and found that the ballot papers were originals, they are printed on off white security paper, 38.9 cm by 11.4 cm in size and had the legend “Presidential Election 2010-Ratnapura District” in all three languages. He states security fibers are seen embedded in the paper and the serial numbers were genuine.
The government had said they were bogus ballot papers and did not conduct an impartial inquiry into the incident.



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