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Dimuthu claims abductors quizzed Premakumar & her

Women’s leader of the FSP Dimuthu Attygalle says a group in a white van had abducted her as she had been accompanying a colleague from their head office on April 06.  Ms. Attygalle, who was freed by her abductors near the head office at Madiwela in Kotte this morning (Apr. 10), held a media briefing a few hours later.

She said the kidnappers had questioned her in the van, which proceeded to a place which appeared to be a military camp.

After further questioning, she was kept in a closed room.

When she was brought in for interrogation further, Ms. Attygalle said the leader of her party Premakumar Gunaratnam alias Kumara Mahattaya too, was brought there.

The abductors had questioned both of them, she said.

In the night on the following day, Ms. Attygalle said she was taken in a van to another place, where she thought, the FSP chief too, was present.

Yesterday, an officer came and told her that their leader would be deported to Australia, where he is a citizen, since there is a problem with his passport.

He then asked me where I wanted to go, and I replied that I wanted to go back to my office, said Ms. Attygalle.

She was taken to Thalapathpitiya road, and told to take a three wheeler from there to the office.

The FSP women’s leader said that she thought the number of the vehicle was something like 281, but the abductors had said that it was pointless to remember the number.



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