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Destruction of venerated statues of Tamil nationals continues : another destruction in Jaffna

The decapitation of two more statues held in esteem by Tamil nationals has been reported in Jaffna.
 An unidentified group that entered two Hindu temples (Kovils) in the Jaffna district yesterday night had broken the heads of two statues of the Vel carts.
It is the statues in the Kopay Karanpitu Pillayar temple and of the Achchalu Kovil, Jaffna that are carried in the Vel carts making their sacred rounds (Velam Varudhi) which have been so destroyed.

Once a day the Kovils are visited and these statues are cleaned . These damages had come to light when the Kovils were visited for cleaning. These statues were in good shape yesterday , but when cleaning was to be done on them today , these damages had been discovered. It is believed that some dastardly group had entered and caused this damage.

Yesterday , valuable statues of Mahatma Gandhi , Sir Baden Powell , Swami Vipulanandar and Tamil national poet Pulavar Periya Thamby were also vandalized- they were found decapitated.

The Tamil people of those areas are of the conviction that these damages are being caused to statues which are venerated by the Tamil people ,are in order to demonstrate the anger against India for voting in disfavor of SL at the Geneva conference on the US resolutions . It is significant to note that these barbaric destruction of statues are being carried out freely and without any hindrance in districts coming within the high security zones .

LeN revealed before on 4th April the news related this as “20 members of MaRa’s PSD murder squad paramilitary force now in Jaffna to create mayhem : conspiracy exposed”



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