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Monday, April 15, 2024

Defence Secretary warns of LTTE re-emergence

Defence Secretary Gotabhaya Rajapakse has emphasized that no room should be left to nullify the freedom accorded to the country by the war heroes by eliminating tiger terrorism. He has said that pro-LTTE elements are still attempting to spread wrong opinions within the country and re-group once again.  He has emphasized that these attempts should also be defeated.

 The Defence Secretary made these comments at the function held to open the Security Service Headquarters in Kilinochchi last Friday. The government has spent Rs. 40 million for establishing this security service headquarters, the construction work of which was handled by the Sri Lankan army and  completed within a short period of 9 months.
The Defence Secretary speaking at this function further said that the majority of the LTTE combatants who surrendered have already been rehabilitated and socialized. However, there could be some combatants living among the people without surrendering and there are some of them who have fled to foreign countries and protected by the Diaspora in the overseas countries. He pointed out that there is a possibility of them re-grouping once again, with the help of international elements and creating a situation as was in 1970s.  The Defence Secretary assured that every step will be taken to prevent the emergence of such a situation. (niz)


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