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Sunday, February 25, 2024

Death threat to teacher forced to kneel down from the same ruling party politician

A complaint has been lodged at Nawagaththegama Police that former North Western Provincial Councilor Ananda Sarath Kumara had made statements in public threatening the life of Mrs. Priyani Susila Herath, the teacher whom he forced to kneel down as a punishment in front of her students and school staff.

The husband of the lady teacher lodged the complaint stating Ananda Sarath Kumara made threatening remarks at public rallies held in the area.  The former PC member has been released on bail with regard to the ‘kneeling’ incident.

Interestingly, it is reported that the SLFP nomination board has approved his candidature to contest the forthcoming PC elections. When there was uproar immediately after the incident the President had phone the lady teacher and had told her that she would be justified. The leaders of the SLFP too stated that the culprit councilor would be sacked from his post as well as from the party


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