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CSM Deplores Silence of Catholic Bishops’ Conference Over Govt Attacks on Bishop Rayappu J.

[Bishop Rayappu bless Rajapaksa: caption of state news agency Lanka Puwaath- Rev. Rayappu Joseph confident of President Rajapaksa’s triumph]

Derogatory remarks made about Bishop Rayappu Joseph of Mannar diocese.

Common opposition candidate Mr. Maithripala Sirisena on an election campaign to the north met the Mannar Bishop Rayappu Joseph on 30 December and sought his blessings in view of the January 08 presidential poll. This event was then used in the government electronic media as an advertisement in a very uncouth manner, throwing derogatory comments about Rt. Rev. Rayappu Joseph that it was from the ‘Tiger Leader’ that the common candidate Mr. Maithripala Sirisena received blessings for the forthcoming presidential election.

However, a few days later the President Rajapaksha too approached the same Bishop for the same purpose but there was no such a remark made by anyone about a ‘tiger bishop’ blessing the incumbent President.

We, Christians and concerned people, are disturbed and perturbed over Bishop of Mannar being the object of a verbal attack of a personal nature launched by the politicians with self interest at this crucial juncture of our history. A clarification is now needed whether the views expressed by such politicians is reflective of the Government’s point of view.

We call on politicians to stop the harassment of Bishop Rayappu immediately. Unlike the most politicians who have served themselves than their people, Bishop Rayappu Joseph has fostered common good, the spirit of humanism and human rights. We like to reiterate that Bishop Joseph has looked after his flock – not just Catholic Christians, but Christians of all denominations, non-Christians, and others. He is not only the leader of the Catholic diocese in Mannar, but a humanitarian, who had stood for the rights of all Sri Lankans.

Making such vulgar accusations on a religious leader merely to gain political mileage is very unethical. It is an indication as to what an abysmal depth our politics have fallen into, due to the entry of the undisciplined and uneducated persons into politics.
We as the CSM condemn the uncouth and unethical remarks about Bishop Rayappu, made by one of the leading government ministers once again at the final rally held at Kesbewa in support of the incumbent President.

At the same time we are surprised to note the silence observed by the Catholic Bishops’ Conference in Sri Lanka on this matter. We urge the Bishops’ conference, to raise this issue at the national level and to stand by their fellow brother bishop who had been the ‘voice of the voiceless’ people of Mannar and in the whole island of Sri Lanka.

Christian Solidarity Movement
281, Deans Road, Maradana


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