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CP tells SL Tamils: Don’t be deceived by Western powers

April 25, 2011, 9:01 pm

Urges govt to meet legitimate grievances, rights and aspirations of Tamils

The Communist Party of Sri Lanka says UNSG Ban Ki-moon’s move, at the behest of a section of the international community, is motivated and dictated by their global strategies and geo-political interests and not by humanitarian considerations or through compassion or love for the Tamil speaking people.

The CPSL urged the government to consider legitimate rights of the Tamil speaking people, while urging them not to be deceived by Western Powers.

The following is the text of a statement issued by Dew Gunasekara, General Secretary of the CPSL: The Political Bureau of the Communist Party of Sri Lanka examined the contents of the UNSG Report submitted to the UN Secretary General Ban-ki-Moon on April 12th, 2011.

At the onset when the so-called panel was appointed in June 2010, the Communist Party through its Political Resolution adopted at its 19th National Congress held in August, 2010 registered its opposition to the appointment of the said Panel. It also warned the people and the Government to “refrain from over-reacting and also not to fall prey to the provocative tactics of the Western Powers, in dealing with matters relating to international affairs”. To the Communist Party, the legitimacy of the panel was questionable.

The Communist Party of Sri Lanka also took up the position that even though moves on the part of certain Western Powers, soon after the defeat of the LTTE, to adopt a resolution in UN bodies against Sri Lanka were aborted, they would still continue with their political agenda with charges of war crimes against Sri Lanka.

The Communist Party was well aware of the fact that these moves were motivated and dictated by their global strategies and geo-political interests and not by humanitarian considerations or through compassion or love for the Tamil people.

In this connection, the Communist Party wishes to recall how in the last phase of the conflict, attempts were made by those forces to intervene or mediate in order to prevent a total defeat of the LTTE. It was the considered view of the Communist Party that these forces frustrated by their failure to intervene would pursue their political agenda to destabilize Sri Lanka or effect a regime change in Sri Lanka. This has been proved by their undignified behaviour since the defeat of the LTTE, and in particular during the Parliamentary and Presidential Elections. The nomination of General Sarath Fonseka was in fact significant in this regard.

As regards the contents of the so-called Advisory Report or Moon report, they are based on unsubstantiated evidence, manufactured stories, rumours, information fed by pro LTTE NGOs and INGOs, exaggerations, imaginations etc. As such, grave charges framed against a sovereign country by an unauthorized external panel do not deserve to be even entertained by an authoritative body of the UN.

The illegitimate Advisory Panel, has overlooked the historical background of the four Eelaam Wars from 1983-2009, failures of peace processes, nature and strategies of LTTE terrorists and their despicable record of killings and destructions, and untold suffering caused to the people for three decades.

The Panel has safely discarded the undeniable fact that the security forces bravely secured the lives of nearly three hundred thousand civilians trapped up in Mullaitivu who were used by the LTTE as human shield. The enormous rehabilitation and resettlement work done in the aftermath of the conflict or the present ground realities of the war-stricken areas has been completely ignored in their assessment of the post-war situation. The fact that over 7,000 LTTE cadres apprehended have already been released after rehabilitation has been treated as totally irrelevant. The absence of terrorist activities since the defeat of the LTTE demonstrates the stark fact that the source of violence had been the LTTE.

It strengthens the forces of chauvinism. It has given a moral boost-up to the LTTE Diaspora as evident from their own responses to the Report. Releasing an unauthorized report without the expressed sanction by an authoritative body of the UN with grave charges against a sovereign country has only contributed to the escalation of tension in the country and in the region. In this regard, the Communist Party condemns the irresponsible and undignified role of the UN Secretary General.

The Communist Party calls upon the peace loving Tamil people not to allow themselves to be exploited by the Western Powers or to be carried away by illusions created by them whose sole objective is to strengthen their global strategies and secure their geo-political interests.

The Communist Party calls upon all patriotic and progressive forces of the country to consider seriously the legitimate grievances, rights and aspirations of the Tamil people and not lose sight of the opportunity offered by history to find a lasting solution to the National Question
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