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Condemn government’s policy of suppressing opponents

The Political Bureau of the JVP has issued a media statement regarding the two disappeared political activists Lalith Kumara and Kugan Murugan whose whereabouts are still not known. Here is the full text of the JVP statement:

Media has reported that there hasn’t been any information regarding Lalith Kumara and Kugan Murugan, the two political activists who disappeared in Jaffna. The JVP vehemently condemns this act of disappearing persons which once again confirms to the country and the world the undemocratic rule of the present government.

This cannot be considered an isolated event as it is a continuation of several disappearances that have been manipulated during the past. It is difficult to believe that abductions taking place in a place like Jaffna, where the rule of security forces is firmly carried out, occur without the knowledge of the government. Hence, pointing the finger at the government regarding these disappearances is unavoidable. The certificate of the Rajapaksa government regarding the treatment of its political foes is appalling. This would vary from a wide range of acts such as legal punishments that the government interprets according to its requirement to the notorious ‘white van abductions.’

Among the political acts of revenge carried out by the government recently are banning anti-government web sites, assaulting opposition Parliamentarians, detaining youths under the ‘Prevention of Terrorism Act’ without taking any legal action against them, Attacking and assaulting journalists and student activists in the North, abductions of people in Colombo and in several other areas.

The undemocratic practice of the government of taking revenge for having whatever opposing views is extremely contemptible. The government’s desire is to convince that the freedom of thought affirmed by the Constitution is not for their opponents and those who want to act against the government should think twice before doing so.

The government may be considering that the undemocratic environment that is developing in the country would strengthen its existence. However, what it implies is not the strength of the government but its weakness and cowardice.  On the other hand the process followed by the government regarding its foes brings about mass protest against it. Under such circumstances we emphasize that the government takes measure to release the two political activists Lalith Kumara and Kugan Murugan and immediately stop abductions carried out on its orders. We also call upon the masses of Sri Lanka to come forward to defeat the undemocratic path of the government.

Political Bureau,
 Janatha Vimukthi Peramuna.



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