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Commonwealth tells Lanka to consider consequences

Kamalesh SharmaCommonwealth Secretary-General Kamalesh Sharma has urged the Sri Lankan Government to pause for further careful consideration following the passage by the country’s Parliament of the impeachment motion against the Chief Justice of Sri Lanka.

“The impeachment of a Chief Justice is a very serious matter. In this particular case, it has called into question aspects of the Constitution of Sri Lanka.

He said that the Commonwealth, collectively, is profoundly concerned about this situation.

“I strongly urge that time be taken to reflect and consider fully the constitutional and other ramifications of the differing positions taken by the Judiciary and Legislature before any decision is taken by the Executive on the impeachment of the Chief Justice.

Sharma says he has been in touch with the Sri Lankan Government at the highest levels to offer Commonwealth assistance to find a way forward.

“I recognise that this is a matter for Sri Lanka, but am also conscious of our shared Commonwealth values and principles, to which Sri Lanka and all member governments have subscribed,” the Secretary-General said.


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