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Tuesday, December 5, 2023

Colombo transfers Admin functions of East Tamil areas to Sinhala districts


Sri Lanka government has been implementing a scheme to transfer administrative functions of Tamil districts in Eastern Province to the adjoining Sinhalese districts.
As a first step the government has transferred the financial administration of Batticaloa District Coconut Development Board to Polonnaruwa located in the North Central Province. The government should immediately stop this transfer, said Mr.P. Selvarasa, Batticaloa District Tamil National Alliance (TNA) parliamentarian.

The administrative functions of providing Irrigation facilities to border Tamil villages of the Batticaloa district in the Eastern Province Punaanai, Vadamunai, Oottuch-cheanai and Oamadiyaa-madu under the Mahaweli “D” zone have already been delegated to the irrigation Department in Polonnaruwa.

Powers of alienating State lands in Tamil DS divisions, Koa’raa’laipaattu South, Ea’raavoorpattu Chengkaladi, Vavu’natheevu, Paddippazhai and Vellaave’li have been transferred to Sinhala officials, TNP MP said.

The inquiry into the allegation that the Archaeological Department has been destroying ancient historical evidence of the Thaanthamalai Murukan Koayil has been handed over to Sinhala officials in Ampaa’rai District, Mr. Selvarasa says.

Mr. Selvarasa requests the authorities concerned to stop transferring administration of Tamil villages to Sinhala districts.



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