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Colombo steps up Sinhalicisation of Batticaloa, Ampaa’rai border village

Depriving the livelihood of resettled Tamils at 35th Colony, the Sri Lankan government authorities in Colombo have taken charge of the Tamil area, which comes under the Batticaloa district and the Eastern Provincial Council, aiming Sinhalicisation of the border village between the Batticaloa and Ampaa’rai district.
The Tamil fishermen, who have been fishing in Navakkiri tank have now been denied access to the tank and only Sinhalese are allowed by the SL authorities to engage in fishing in the tank situated in the 35th Colony. The provincial minister responsible for fisheries affairs, Mr. Navaratnam, has also confirmed that the civil affairs at 35th Colony are being directly controlled from Colombo.
Affected Tamils also complain that the encroached Sinhala families are now threatening them to leave the village for good.
The Tamil residents of 35th colony didn’t have difficulties in fishing at the Navakkiri tank even during the times of war, the villagers said.
Tamil residents have been fishing in Navakkiri tank for a long time.
After the war, the SL government in Colombo has taken the responsibility of administering the area into its hands, as it has targeted the area for Sinhalicisation, affected Tamil villagers further said.

The fishermen are now facing untold hardship for their survival without any livelihood facilities.


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