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Colombo responsible for attack on JUSU Leader: Jaffna university students

The successive SL governments in Colombo have been subjecting the student leaders of the University of Jaffna to state terror and harassment and the student community is not going to give up voicing for the rights of Eezham Tamils, said student leaders who addressed the gathering of more than 1,000 students at the University grounds Monday.
The students carrying placards against the SL military boycotted their classes and came together in a meeting of condemnation against the attack on Student Union leader S. Thavapalasingam by alleged SL military intelligence operatives on Sunday.

Attackers alleged to be SL military intelligence operatives on Sunday followed the 24-year-old student leader in 8 motorbikes and severely attacked him with iron rods. Mr. Thavapalasingham was rushed to Jaffna Teaching Hospital. His condition was improving on Monday, according to medical sources.

All the student leaders in the past have been subjected to death threats by the SL military and its agents, the protesting students said. ‘Although this trend still continues, the student community is not going to give up voicing for the democratic rights of the Tamil people,’ was the message reiterated by the student representatives who addressed the protesting students Monday.

Male and female students from all the faculties of the Jaffna university took part in the protest. The students staged demonstration across the faculties inside the University premises after the meeting. The protest had brought the entire administration of the University to a standstill.

Hundreds of SL policemen were deployed around the premises of the University while the students were engaged in protest.

Jaffna University Student Union (JUSU) leaders did not give any details of future protests but said they will let the media know about their next action in the due course of time.



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