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Clinton invites GL to Washington to discuss LLRC follow up

The US government has decided to grant space and opportunity to Sri Lanka to come up with concrete proposals on reconciliation and accountability issues. Secretary of State Hilary Clinton has invited External Affairs Minister Prof. G.L. Pieris to visit Washington in March to discuss Sri Lanka’s plans to “move ahead on reconciliation and accountability issues and the Provincial Council elections of the Northern Province.”

However, the US has emphasized that it has decided to go ahead with the resolution against Sri Lanka at the next sitting of the United Nations Human Rights Council which is scheduled to start on 27 February.
The US has stated that they are under increasing pressure from concerned parties and will go ahead with the resolution.
A letter with regard to this resolution has already been handed over to External Affairs Minister G.L. Pieris by the US Deputy Chief of Mission in Colombo on Friday.

Clinton’s letter to Minister Pieris stated “while our decision about the March session has been made to help guide our thought on future action. I would like to invite you to Washington DC in March to discuss your plans to move ahead on reconciliation, accountability and provincial elections in the Northern Province”
“The visit would provide a valuable opportunity for you to meet with think tanks of our Congress and brief them on the government’s intention and action plan”

In the same letter, Clinton has stated that she is looking forward to discuss with Pieris and other concerned members of the international community to achieve lasting peace, reconciliation and accountability in Sri Lanka.

She also states “US has been a strong supporter of Sri Lanka since its independence and we remain committed to ensure a secure, peaceful, united and prosperous Sri Lanka where all citizens enjoy equal rights and opportunities”
According to highly placed diplomatic sources India would also support the US resolution on Sri Lanka at the March sitting of the UNHRC.
(Additional reporting by Mendaka Abeysekera in New York)
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