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CJ will not enter politics; Inviting serving judges to enter politics (by Fonseka ) an insult to the Judiciary – Lawyers Collective

Fonseka’s public invitation  to CJ to enter politics is being used by state media to discredit CJ

Responding to state media attacks on the Chief Justice and the Judiciary, the Lawyers Collective urges the Government to refrain from unfair, malicious and false propaganda. “It is because the accusations brought against the Chief Justice in a politically motivated impeachment have been rightly rejected by the public, that the Government is resorting to numerous unfair strategies to tarnish the image of the Chief Justice and the Judiciary, in general.” says the Lawyers Collective.

Issuing a statement the Lawyers Collective says; “We have noted that various politicians are disgracefully inviting the serving judges, including the Chief Justice, to enter politics, which the Lawyers Collective considers an insult to the Judiciary. Contrary to the insinuations of the Government, we are confident that the Chief Justice would not enter active politics. We have also learnt that the Government is planning to discredit the Chief Justice and other judges in a series of programmes and news features in the State Media, based on those ill advised invitations by irresponsible politicians.”

“We, therefore, call upon the politicians of all parties and media to act with restraint leaving no room for any such derogatory and insulting comments undermining the independence of the judiciary,” it further says.

In the caption ( by Fonseka) was inserted by SLB


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