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CID ignores Court order on Matale Mass Grave

The Criminal Investigation Department (CID), has for over six weeks, ignored an order issued by the Matale Magistrate’s Court to conduct radio carbon testing on the skeletal remains discovered in the backyard of the Matale Hospital, a source familiar with the investigation said. The Magistrate ordered the skeletal remains be sent overseas for radio carbon testing in order to identify the nameless victims.

Former Matale Magistrate, Chaturika de Silva, during her last sitting on the case, had ordered the CID to seek the assistance of Interpol to send the skeletal specimens overseas for radio carbon testing to confirm the period during which they may have died, as stated by local experts.However, the CID is unable to carry out the Court order due to the lack of funds, sources added. The CID has also failed to comply with the Court order to advertise in the media, calling on the public to come forward and claim their kith and kin who had gone missing during that era.

Former Provincial Council member of the Janatha Vimukthi Peramuna (JVP), Gamagedera Dissanayake, yesterday alleged that the CID had not even published an advertisement in the local newspapers as ordered by the Court. 

“People keep coming to us, claiming their loved ones had gone missing only because of the awareness we create through our campaign,” he said.

Meanwhile, inside sources said around 25 people have registered and are preparing to file affidavits at the next hearing. Reportedly, the former Judicial Medical Officer (JMO) of Matale, Dr. Ajith Jayasena, who is in charge of the investigations into the skeletal remains, is preparing a comprehensive report comprising around 160 pages.

The report will be submitted before Matale Magistrate, Sampath Gamage, at the next sitting. Dr. Jayasena told Ceylon Today, that forensic experts are conducting tests on the dental remains. He said the tests would be completed in two weeks.

He added that DNA testing is required on all 160 skeletal remains and shards that were found at the site.
“ After  DNA testing is completed,  the specimens will be ready for comparing samples from family members  of  missing relatives.

By Chrishanthi Christopher


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