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Thursday, April 18, 2024

CID fabricating evidence, Bhartha’s counsel says .

The Counsel for Baratha Lakshma Premachandra, Upali Kumarapperuma told court today that the CID is “fabricating evidence” when the case was taken up today. The Counsel further went on to point out that initially the CID had only said that they found two shots were released from R. Gamini the bodyguard of Premachandra but now they have come to the conclusion that the first shots were fired by him.

The Counsel said this subsequent to the CID stating in court that they had evidence to prove that the first shot in the Baratha Lakshman shooting was fired by Police Constable R. Gamini attached to Lakshman’s security. Jagath Abeynayake representing R. Gamini said that  the witness who had identified R. Gamini as the first to shooter had by an affidavit stated that he did not make any such statement to the CID. (TFT)


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