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Monday, April 22, 2024

Chief Minister Prasanna thugs Attack Parents .

CM Ranathunga
A mother has been admitted to Colombo National Hospital A & E unit after an attack carried out by the thugs of the Chief Minister, Western Province.
This attack was carried on June 5th while all the parents and teachers were agitating against the political interference carried out in Ashoka College, Colombo. Teachers and students are accusing the principal of being a henchman of the CM and destroying the school and its education.

Even though the principal was sacked on 26th February, he has been re-appointed on 6th June according to Joseph Stalin, the convener of Ceylon Teacher’s Association. He further added that this government gives more priority to their henchmen rather the future of the nation whom are innocent students. These corrupted politicians will go to any length to safeguard their ill interests such as carrying out punishment transfers to teachers and attacking the parents who question them.

Last week Janarala newspaper exposed the nature of the corrupt activities in Ashoka College under the caption of ” Ashoka College spends Rs 50 lakhs on colour wash”

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