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Ceylon Chamber Calls on all MPs to Enact Constitutional Amendments

The Ceylon Chamber of Commerce, in a statement yesterday, said it welcomed the recent constitutional reforms process initiated under the leadership of the President and the Government.

It has also welcomed the proposed 19th Amendment to the Constitution, particularly those provisions addressing the 18th Amendment, the Constitutional Council, independent commissions, urgent Bills and the Right to Information. The Chamber believes these provisions will help strengthen good governance, law and order, independence of the Judiciary and media freedom, all of which are essential elements of a genuine democracy and a society which is committed to equal opportunities for all its citizens. The Chamber believes that these provisions will improve the business climate in the country and pave the way for greater investment, both local and foreign, thereby creating a platform for sustainable growth, greater job opportunities and a higher standard of living for all Sri Lankans.

Considering the importance of the constitutional reforms that have been proposed, the Ceylon Chamber called on all political parties and Members of Parliament committed to democracy, good governance and equal opportunities for all Sri Lankans to:

* Take advantage of the historic opportunity presented by a multi-party Government to strengthen constitutional governance in the country
* Set aside narrow political considerations
* Support and pass into law the mentioned provisions.

The Ceylon Chamber of Commerce, an institution that has existed in the country for 176 years, is a confederation of 3,500 businesses entities – from small and medium to large conglomerates, both private and quoted and Sri Lankan and multinational – 21 business councils, 21 trade associations and 22 regional, sectoral and other Chambers. It is affiliated to over 120 international chambers worldwide and is recognised as the country’s premier business chamber.

Hold polls fast urges Ceylon Chamber

◾Warns prevailing uncertainty negatively impacts economic and business environment
◾Says to restore confidence and attract investment parliamentary elections must be held expeditiously

The Ceylon Chamber of Commerce, the country’s premier private sector lobby, has urged the conduct of general elections as soon as possible to restore business confidence as prevailing uncertainty was highly detrimental.
In a special statement, the Chamber said it noted and appreciated the many positive steps taken by the President and Government to deal with pressing issues pertaining to constitutional reforms, law and order, independence of the Judiciary and the media, good governance, cost of living and international relations.


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