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Cabinet Minister Arumugan Thondaman of CWC Goes on the Rampage at Talawakelle Police Station.

A special police team under the Senior SSP for Nuwara Eliya, M.H.K.B, Mahagedara, has been dispatched to the Talawakelle Police to conduct a detailed investigation into the incident where the Minister of Estates and Infrastructure, Arumugam Thondaman, had allegedly stormed into the police station, abused the officers on duty, and had behaved in a manner that obstructed the police officers from carrying out their duties.

A high-ranking police officer of the division said, the minister had gone berserk over the failure of the police to take action regarding a cash transaction involving a friend of his. The special team had been sent to record evidence from police officers and eye witnesses, he added.

Following the clash between Thondaman and Digabaram recently at Didulapathana, the Special Task Force (STF) had been deployed to maintain law and order in the Division. Senior DIG and Senior Commanding Officer of the STF, R.W.M.D. Bandara, said the STF had been enlisted to assist the police in their duties in maintaining law and order.

A high-ranking police officer in charge of the Nuwara Eliya Division, said, as a result of the clash that took place last Monday (19), 16 vehicles belonging to both parties had been damaged.
Though the names of the suspects were not known on the day of the incident, the police had subsequently obtained the names of the miscreants and have vowed to take action against them. Meanwhile, the six suspects in connection with the attacks launched on the political offices in Hatton were arrested and released on bail after they were produced before Court.
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