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Wednesday, December 6, 2023

Buddhist extremist group gives a deadline to the Govt to withdraw police unit on religious violence

Rawana Balaya insists on having new police unit withdrawn
A delegation from the Rawana Balaya organisation today handed over a letter to the Ministry of Buddha Sasana demanding that the special police unit set up to look into religious disputes be withdrawn before the Wesak Poya Day.

The organisation’s secretary the Ven. Ittakande Saddhatissa Thera, when handing over this letter to the deputy minister, asked that the President be requested to withdraw the newly set up police unit because it served no useful purpose.
The Ven. Saddhathissa Thera warned that in the event the new police unit was not withdrawn before the Wesak Poya Day deadline, the members of the Rawana Balaya organisation would be reluctantly compelled to move in and occupy the ministry building.(Video and text by Darshana Sanjeewa) DM


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