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Wednesday, April 24, 2024

Bishop Urges to Ensure Safety of Ex-LTTE Cadres

[Former LTTE Caders]

Bishop of Jaffna Rev. Thomas Savundranayagam pointed out to the Australian High Commissioner Robyn Mudie that the new government should ensure the safety of the ex- LTTE cadres as they were intimidated frequently even after they have been integrated with the society after the rehabilitation process.
Responding to the Jaffna Bishop, Australian High Commissioner Mudie said that the Australian Government would be always supportive of a healthy reconciliation in the island.

Speaking to the media on the meeting he had with the Aussie Envoy on Monday (6) Bishop Savundranayagam said that the Australian High Commissioner was very particular about the current situation in the peninsula.
According to the Bishop except for the changes such as releasing of certain areas of lands and reducing of the High Security Zones in the Valikamam North and the East areas nothing has changed significantly in the peninsula.

The Bishop has also told the Aussie Envoy of his visit to the areas released to the IDPs in the Valikamam areas and said that he expected the Government to release the rest of the land areas which were in the possession of the Security Forces.
When the Aussie Envoy expressed her concerns over the ‘cold war’ between Prime Minister Wickremesinghe and Chief Minister Wigneswaran, the Bishop had responded saying that he was happy over the visit by the Prime Minister to the North and was unhappy that the Prime Minister and the Chief Minister didn’t meet each other.



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