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Bishop rejects allegations of monks led mob against Fr. Sathivel

[Fr. Sathivel (on right) was almost assaulted by the mob. Photo: Melani Manel]
Bishop  of Colombo Rev. R. Canagasabey today rejected  false allegations against HRD, Fr. Sathivel by the monks led mob who invaded the Center for Society and Religion on 4th Aug. Issuing a statement the Bishop said that ”I  do not in any way condone such action against a peaceful gathering and as his Bishop affirm that Rev. M. Sathivel is a long standing and a credible Priest of the Diocese of Colombo with over 25 years of parish and community work with a justice and peace consciousness.”

Read the full statement as a PDF:Bishop of Colombo statement rejecting false allegations against Fr Sathivel-18Aug2014


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