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Believe it or not ! Wellampitiya white Van murderers are from the PSD !! – two are related brothers

The four criminals (murderers) associated with the white Van who were captured at Wellampitiya recently , are those attached to a paramilitary force coming under the Presidential security division (PSD), and not directly responsible to the Army Commander, according to information reaching Lanka e news confirming this.

Before this Force was brought under the President security division , it was affiliated to the security unit under the IGP adhering to rules and regulations lawfully. This section was possessed of world recognized scientific techniques regarding security . Afterwards , the MaRa regime made it a separate Force giving it an army
character . Initially there were 400 members in that Force.

When recruiting them to this Force there were no fixed procedures followed. There were no fixed training procedures. Divested of the traditional procedures , any favorite could be recruited to it from any regiment of any of the three Forces . The fundamental requirement for recruitment to this group was : the recruit must be a MaRa loyalist and nothing else mattered . On this basis , the Medamulana criminals were brought within the naval force under a new Corp of the Forces.

When training commissioned Army Cadet officers who are recruited , these Medamulana murderers were entitled to ‘officer’ or a privileged position as a ‘Regime’s member’ who could earn ‘stars and medals’without the training.

Recently ,when these ruthless killers ( who could not be apprehended by the police for so long even after countless complaints against them of abductions, disappearances and murders ) were caught red handed by the public , disgraced and stigmatized at the Wellampitiya police station , and stood exposed as Govt. killers enjoying State patronage , the DIG Anura Senanayake or the DOG of the Rajapakses released from their ‘Kennel’ , arriving at the police station and freeing the four criminals without even as much as a police entry being recorded in the police registers further confirmed that these murderers are of the paramilitary force mentioned in the foregoing paragraphs.

Following our request to the public to provide us with information regarding these criminals who are enjoying Govt. patronage and are committing crimes with absolute impunity, we are deluged with copious information received in response to the request. We are herein publishing only some of it : In this group , there are two brothers , either they are own brothers or related .They are presently residing at Moratuwa. Recently they had shifted to another house down the same road. As stated earlier their native place is down South. One member of the group is from Kurunegala , and another was working as a ‘seizure’ .Only the Kurunegala member and another have undergone army training after registering with the army. The other two are cold blooded brutal murderers of Idi Mahin and Gota , his defense Secretary.

So, this brutal Idi Mahin regime has given official army ‘labels’ to this group of ruthless criminals . Originally these ‘labels’ were fastened on them by Major Gen. Jagath Alwis at the behest of the regime chief.

The Army intelligence unit and four divisions of the Army training divisions are under the purview of Jagath Alwis. By the way,the Police DIG (Colombo) or President’s DOG Anura Senanayake who got the four criminals released from Wellampitiya police custody and took them away with him, and Jagath Alwis are bosom pals.

In the circumstances , it is very obvious without any trace of doubt that these criminal white Van operations are being conducted under the control and directions of Murderous regime chief Idi Mahin and his defense Secretary.


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