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Batticaloa Bank heist: ‘we know the political force behind ; we will not cringe’ –Commanding chief of East warns

 Commanding chief of the East Major General Boniface Perera at a special media briefing held yesterday at Deavar Hall, Batticaloa referring to yesterday’s Bank heist at Batticaloa said , this robbery is not only a threat to the security not only of Batticaloa , but of the entire Island.
‘After one and half years , looting , killing and crimes have shot up in Batticaloa. We know who are behind these crimes. We have received accurate details of the politicos who are responsible. We know illegal weapons and arms are with whom. These weapons should immediately be surrendered .If not , we will not hesitate to go there are and seize them. When these individuals were told to hand over their arms , they kept back 40 weapons and handed over ten of the fifty in their possession. Nobody except the Govt. security divisions can possess arms’ These were the statements made by the Commanding chief two years after the war ended. 

Speaking further , Boniface Perera added , there is a political force behind these crimes. No matter what rank or position they hold, the arms illegally with them should be surrendered . Otherwise he would take action . He warned that measures will have to be taken again to introduce barriers and conduct search operations.



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