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Sunday, March 3, 2024

BASL writes to IGP: Follow established procedures strictly in arresting persons

“Given the numerous instances in the past of persons being subject to arbitrary arrests, arbitrary detentions and enforced disappearances and in consideration of Sri Lanka’s international obligations on preventing enforced disappearances, we call upon you as Head of the Police Department to immediately ensure that all arrests are carried out strictly according to procedures established by law and that instructions are given to all police officers in respect of the above,”  says Bar Association of Sri Lanka in a letter to Inspector General of Police.

The letter says that ” The Bar Association of Sri Lanka has received complaints from its members and the Colombo Magistrate’s Court Lawyers’ Association on the arrests of persons by police officers dressed in civilian clothing and without possessing any identification.
It is alleged that persons so arrested have been taken away in unidentifiable vehicles and kept for several hours at undisclosed locations. On these occasions no receipts of arrest have been issued nor an opportunity given to the persons arrested to inform relatives, friends or lawyers of their whereabouts. On these occasions they have been deprived of access to Attorneys-at-Law or the Human Rights Commission for a few hours.”


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