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Sunday, June 16, 2024

Australian National Kumar Gunarathnam to Contest Presidential Election

The JVP breakaway group, the Frontline Socialist Party (FSP) says that its leader-in-Exile  Kumar Gunarathnam will  contest  in the upcoming Presidential Election. Mr. Gunarathnam is now a Australian national.

He was allegedly abducted in 2011. The Australian embassy in Colombo intervened to get him released and re-join his family in Australia. He has now changed his name has entered the country for  first time since his alleged  abduction. His opponent charged him for stage managing the abduction and on the pay role of the government. FSP has rejected the allegation.

Related  news item published by the FSP web site:

”The Frontline Socialist party disclosed that they are preparing to put forward a common  leftist candidate on forthcoming presidential election. Upon on request ,  Mr Pubudu Jayagoda the secretary to the party propaganda said that,    ” already we had discussions with few leftist parties and have to discuss with several other parties in near future on this matter.” He further explained that there is a recent proposal being discussed within the party central committee suggesting Mr Gunarathnam should be the presidential candidate  for the election.

Speaking on this issue  another party politburo member  Duminda Nagamuwa said that due to the governments’  suppressed tactics Kumar Gunarathnam had to live in exile since his abduction on 2011.  He also adds that  ” elections of this country means a war of  two companies.  The company spends more, and who cheats the people  most  always win. This is what normally happens. But we think, we should use this event,  in order to convey the leftist ideology to the society.  We try  to fill this gap by representing a presidential candidate on this occasion. ”


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