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Attack on Methodist evangelist in Mahiyangana, Sri Lanka

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Victim beaten brutally; sustains injuries to spine, stomach.
Methodist Bishop says Christians will remain calm in the face of persecution.
Expresses deep concerns about eroding freedom to practice faith in SL.

The Head of the Methodist Church in Sri Lanka has accused three Buddhist monks of brutally beating an evangelist trainee in Mahiyangana on Sunday, causing grave injuries to the victim’s stomach, head and spine.

President of the Methodist Church Bishop Asiri Perera said the incident had taken place after Sunday prayers that had taken place in a private home. “The traumatised student in in a state of fear got on to his motorcycle and rode for nearly 180 kilometres at a stretch to reach his training college for safety. It is God›s grace that took care of him in that risky journey,” Rev. Perera noted.

The Methodist church leader claimed that the assailants had been Buddhist priests linked to what he called a “notorious extremist group that promotes religious disharmony and conflict”. A fourth priest had tried to stop the attack, Rev. Perera added.

The victim has been hospitalised, the President of the Methodist Church added.

“I am deeply troubled about the eroding of our freedom to practice the Christian faith in Sri Lanka,” Rev Asiri said.

No persons have been arrested in connection with the assault so far. Christians would remain calm and peaceful in the face of persecution they faced today, Bishop Perera asserted.

“I humbly appeal to you to be kind towards the Christians who live with you in keeping with the noble teachings of Buddha,” the Head of the Methodist Church appealed.



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