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Assault on media men should not be taken seriously – Media Minister

In an interview with ‘Lanka’ newspaper Media Minister, Mr Keheliya Rambukwella has said that the continuous assaults on media men are only minor incidents.
 The following are the excerpts of the interview with the questions and answers given by the Minister:
‘What were the steps taken by you as the Media Minister on the assault on ‘Udayan’ news editor Mr Kuganadan? ‘

‘What could be done? I can’t do anything. This is something natural in this world. We cannot do anything.  We try our best to identify the culprits.  But it is not that easy as you think.’

‘But the report on that incident was handed over to the President on the 3rd instant. What is in that report?’

‘I couldn’t see it.  See how much thefts take place in this country? There are so many thefts that couldn’t unearthed’. But you are worried about one or two minor incidents.’    

‘Since the present Government came into power murdering of media men, assaults on many instances have been reported.  As the Media Minister you and the Government also have more responsibility on them?’

‘Yes I agree.  But what could be done?  This is the usual position’.

‘But certain investigations wanted by the Government are done promptly?’

 ‘Yes Government intervenes on certain priorities.  But that couldn’t be done in each and every instance.  On the other hand this ‘Udayan’ media person is from Jaffna.  Situation there is not like in Colombo isn’t it so?’.



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